Administrator’s Message

Administrator’s Message

It gives me a great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to all the staff and students for the academic year, 2020-2021. We come together with some trepidation due to the pandemic, Covid-19, but also filled with hope for a bright future.

Though we have lost a lot of precious time, still we can make the most of the time left of this academic year with hard work and more importantly with the cooperation of each other. It is only when we, staff and students, work together that we will be able to overcome the mountains and make the dark clouds give way to days filled with sunshine.

Hence, my earnest request to every staff member, let us work unitedly. We may belong to different departments, but let us not compartmentalise our thinking. Let us be open to each other, share our ideas and our talents so that we enrich the lives of our students and add to the greatness of this hallowed institution.

To my dear students, I say, work without fear, work hard for there’s a world waiting to use your talents and the fruits of your education to emerge itself as a better place where everyone, especially the poor, can lead a better life, a world where humanity is respected, human rights are ensured, every person, old and young, enjoys respect and dignity and where discrimination on any ground simply does not exist. My dear students, within a short time you will find yourselves at the doorstep of this world. Brace yourselves with lofty ideas and ideals with the help of all the opportunities and facilities given to you by this institution and, more importantly, by the guidance provided to you by your esteemed teachers.

All the best for the new Academic year, 2020-2021 and may God bless each and everyone of you.

I would like to end with a word of gratitude and deep appreciation to Fr. Zeferino D’Souza who has demitted the Office of the Administrator of this College and to the members of the teaching staff who have left us for better pastures. May God reward them for all their services rendered to this institution.

Always at your service,

Fr. Antonio Salema