Our Core Values & Objectives

Our Core Values

Belief in God

Upholding Human dignity

Inculcating a sense of patriotism

Fostering Global competencies

Promoting ethical values

Achieving excellence in education

Our Objectives

To provide holistic education to students.

To liberate students from social conditioning such as ignorance, poverty, exploitation, caste, class and gender bias.

To sustain, promote and enhance the quality of higher education.

To inculcate, in students, social, moral and spiritual values.

To help students to develop competence, commitment and compassion.

To empower students to distinguish between good and bad, and make right decisions.

To uphold self-esteem, equality of men and women, dignity of human labour, belief in social justice and the Constitution of India.

To make students conscious of responsibilities and duties along with their rights, and inculcate a sense of discipline.

To promote the sanctity of the family – the basic unit of society.

To motivate students towards nation-building, so as to evolve a New Society – the India of their dreams.

To enable students to face the challenges of globalization.

To provide an education which nurtures an encounter with God, including an appreciation of, and respect for, other faiths.