Programme Outcomes

The programme outcomes for different streams.

  • Students develop an understanding of Concepts, theoretical frameworks, perspectives and methods of inquiry.
  • Students are trained to think rationally and critically.
  • Students learn to appreciate diversity and develop cultural sensitivity.
  • Recognition of self as an individual with strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students imbibe human values and become responsible citizens.
  • Eligible candidates for admissions to post-graduate programs/Research/further studies.
  • PO1: The program will enable students to develop business acumen, managerial skills and abilities, and be capable of maintaining business accounts.
  • PO2: students will be able to communicate effectively both in terms of business as well as social interaction.
  • PO3: the program will encourage entrepreneurship spirit among students and encourage them to participate effectively in social, commercial and civic issues ultimately leading to national development.
  • PO4: the program will develop the ability to think critically and independently translating into a well developed personal value system.
  • They gain the knowledge of systematic observations, model making, theoretical predications thereby understanding various phenomenon in nature.
  • To think critically and to use appropriate concepts in problem solving.
  • To enhance their skills to be innovative.
  • To develop a qualitative and quantitative approach.
  • To provide hands on experience on sophisticated instruments and programming skills.
  • To design and construct instruments and make them research orientation.
  • To make them sensitive to their surrounding and social issues, through field work and projects.
  • Ability to meet challenges and equip them to be competent.