This we believe

This we believe

  • We believe in God.

  • We believe in human dignity and humanity.

  • We believe in the spirit of discipline and dignity of human work.

  • We believe that men and women are born with equal rights which do not come from the State.

  • We believe in the sanctity of the Family – the basic unit of society.

  • We believe that the citizens have not only rights but also have duties.

  • We believe that the Labour and Capital have not only rights but obligations, and in the fulfillment of their obligations, they will complement each other.

  • We are opposed to all kinds of violations of individual liberty and private property.

  • We believe that liberty is a sacred thing and the law which regulates liberty, is a sacred obligation.

  • We believe that academic freedom should not be used as a pretext to teach systems that destroy all freedom.

  • We are vigorously opposed to the tenets and tactics of those who want to destroy the essential liberties guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.

  • We are vigorously opposed to all forms of racism, gender discrimination, communal hatred and anarchism.

  • We believe in the teachings of Christ. We hold that morality must regulate the personal, familial, economic, political and international life of humanity.