Clubs & Cells


St. Xavier’s Alumni Association, Mapusa, Goa

The Alumni Association seeks to connect its ex-students to their Alma Mater. The alumni are often invited as Guest Lecturers to deliver sessions for the faculty and students.

Hub for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (HIIE)

This hub generates a buzz among young minds who foresee themselves in an area where they can be not only self-employed but also generate employment for others. With some help in fine tuning, their novel ideas can turn to businesses.

Cell for Visual Arts

This cell covers all aspects of visual arts, from photography to film appreciation to art installation and more.The members of the club are exposed to the art of photography, with lectures from volunteers, presenters and Professionals and opportunities to visit local photography hotspots. The film club organizes film screening around the year with special emphasis on world and regional cinema.

Child, Women & Consumer Welfare Club (CWCWC)

The cell aims to help spread smiles on the faces of the underprivileged children, and most importantly to sensitize students of the college to reach out to support these children. The cell organizes activities around issues related to children and conducts visits to orphanages and care homes for children.The aim of the cell is also to enlighten the campus community about women related issues, to sensitize students and promote gender equality.

Centre for Performing Arts (Theatre, Music, Dance)

The cell unites music lovers and dancers through participation in various competitions, programmes etc, thereby showcasing their talent to a larger audience. Workshops on acting, scripting, direction, costume, make up and designing are undertaken.

Programmes, Opportunities, Initiatives and Sprucing for Employment (POISE)

This is a cell meant exclusively for all final year students across all streams and courses. It is a finishing cum grooming school for students to acquire soft skills training and practical knowledge in landing a job.

Cell for Student Engagement and Enrichment (C-SEE)

This cell, through the complementary programmes of Value Education as well as Mentor Mentee interactions, engages students to have better values as persons and future society builders.

Parents Teachers Association

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a continuous collaborative effort in striving to have a partnership between the parents and educators. It provides a platform for parents to obtain insights about what happens on campus.It provides a platform for unity and fraternity among parents, teachers, students and the management of the college in order to work towards a common goal.

Youth Cell and AICUF

AICUF (All India Catholic University Federation) is a movement of University students with a vision for a new and just society. Progressing in history of constant rediscovery and recreation, AICUF tries to link itself to the emerging needs and realities of the university, the church and the wider society.

Career Guidance & Placement Cell

The cell invites reputed organizations to the college to interact with final year students whom they will be hiring in the near future. Talks by reputed professionals in various fields are conducted on a regular basis to expose students to a variety of experiences, opportunities and thereby prepare them to enter the world of employment.

Well Being Club

The Well Being Club aims to look into the aspects of both physical and mental health. It promotes healthy living among the students and attempts to monitor those aspects on campus that directly affect health.

Research and Development Cell

The Cell aims to ignite the spirit of research among teachers, and now, among students as well. The interdisciplinary research journal “Spectrum” has an ISSN number and is released annually under the supervision of the cell.

Cell for Community College Initiatives

Online courses through MOOCs, Coursera and the MHRD initiative of Swayam courses are open to interested students regardless of their regular courses in college. Certain initiatives from faculty and associations are kept open to general local community.

Go Green Initiatives

The go green initiative is to sensitize the students to their natural surroundings and foster love for nature. The club gives them an opportunity to observe, appreciate and inculcate the importance of preserving and protecting nature. It also attempts to create an awareness about environmental issues in today’s world and find out suitable measures to tackle them.

Global Village Club

The core objectives of the club are to provide a platform for the International students to interact and provide college students an opportunity to gain exposure to different cultures. Besides, the speaking of foreign languages is also encouraged.

Sciences for a Purpose, Application and Renewal of Knowledge (SPARK)

SPARK aims to inculcate a love for science as well educate all students about the value and role of scientific knowledge and invention in everyday life. The cell updates students with the latest scientific knowledge and applications.

Cell for Digital Literacy and Application

The cell envisages the propagation and development of interest in the cast and exciting world of information technology. Students are introduced to latest developments in IT and how to best use the computer interface to enhance one’s knowledge and quality of life.

Community Care Club (CCC)

This club extends care towards local communities through schools and parishes. The club arranges programmes by which the schools and parishes benefit from some extension service outlined by the club.

Book Club

This club encourages reading among members whilst also fostering the interest of already existing bookworms. Reading is slowly declining habit among the young crowd and the club seeks to reverse this habit by book readings, exhibitions, meeting with authors and encouraging by keeping track of readers.

Goenchi Asmitai (Preservation of Goan Culture & Heritage)

This cell seeks to protect and preserve the Goan culture and heritage by educating and enhancing knowledge of local, tribal and even lost Goan customs.

Bhartiya Sanskruti Manch (Promotion of Indian Cultural Diversity)

This Association seeks to promote Indian cultural diversity by providing exposure to students of the culture, dances, music, languages of other Indian states, so that the patriotic spirit of being an Indian is encouraged among students.

Campus Broadcasting

Belief in God is upheld in the core value of our institution. Focusing on the goals and core values, the campus broadcasting cell assists the students and teachers begin the day invoking the blessings of the Almighty God. Teachers and students conduct the prayer every morning followed by a ‘Thought for the Day’.

Eco Club

The Goa State Council for Science & Technology and Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change organizes the National Green Corps Eco-Teachers Workshop every year. It is stressed upon that every academic institution should from an Eco Club in their respective school/colleges and has to undertake eco related activities/projects. In this regard, St. Xavier’s College started the Eco Club in the academic year 2019-2020. The club undertakes activities such as field visits, competitions and exhibitions in order to bring about greater sensitization towards environmental issues.

Outreach Cell

The Outreach Cell draws its inspiration from the vision and mission of our College. It aims to form young men and women who will excel intellectually and reach out socially. The main objective of the Cell is to provide knowledge and institutional resources to the community and to gain from this interaction. This will help sensitize the students towards societal issues, develop good values and create opportunities for skill enhancement. The Cell conducts guest lectures, seminars and talks to promote experience sharing. It seeks support from NGOs and business enterprises interested in collaborating with our college as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Intellectual Property Rights Cell

Intellectual property rights include patents, copyright, industrial design rights, trademarks, plant variety rights, trade dress, geographical indications, and in some jurisdictions trade secrets. The IPR cell is a new cell formed at St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa, Goa during the academic year 2019-2020. The cell will look into the matter of patents and trademarks.

Value Education Programme

As values are caught more than taught, the sudents need to grow up in an atmosphere of well-being. St. Xavier’s College endeavors to provide this kind of holistic education to students. The Value Education Cell of this institution, through its activities, guides the students into bringing values into their consciousness, thereby improving their well-being and that of their families, community and working environment.

Mentoring Programme

Mentor-Mentee Programme is held every month. Various social issues such as drug abuse, smoking, alcoholism, ragging, traffic rules and personal enhancement topics like 7 – habits of highly effective people, good eating habits, effects of junk food, social relationships, importance of attendance, conduct at exams are being discussed with students.