Clubs & Cells


Red Ribbon Club:

RED RIBBON CLUB MEMBERSHIP DRIVE – The Red Ribbon Club (RRC) is a voluntary on-campus intervention for students. It aims at equipping the youth with correct information on HIV/AIDS prevention,care support and Treatment. It also motivates the youth in participating in Voluntary Blood Donation in the state.

The Red Ribbon Club of St Xaviers College invites all students of the college to enroll as members and participate in activities organized by the club. Various activities like competitions, rallies, blood donations etc are regularly organized by the club every year.

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Sciences for a Purpose, Application and Renewal of Knowledge (SPARK):

SPARK aims to inculcate a love for science as well as educate students about the value and role of scientific knowledge and invention in everyday life. Students can update themselves with the latest scientific knowledge and applications.

Centre for Performing Arts (Theatre, Music, Dance):

This Centre unites music lovers and dancers through active participation and performance. Workshops on acting, scripting, direction, costume, make up and designing are undertaken.

Cell for Visual Arts:

The Cell covers all aspects of visual arts, from photography to film appreciation to art installation. Members are exposed to the art of photography while organizing film screening around the year.

Child, Women & Consumer Welfare Club (CWCWC):

The aim of the Club is to enlighten the campus community about women related issues, to sensitize students and promote gender equality. The cell organizes activities around issues related to children and conducts visits to orphanages and care homes for children.

Cell for Go Green Initiatives:

The Cell aims to foster a love for nature and give members an opportunity to observe, appreciate and inculcate the importance of preserving and protecting nature. It also attempts to create awareness and find suitable measures to tackle environmental issues.

Cell for Preservation of Goan Culture & Heritage (Goenchi Asmitai):

This Cell seeks to protect and preserve the Goan culture and heritage by educating and enhancing knowledge of local, tribal and even lost Goan customs.

AICUF (All India Catholic University Federation):

is a movement of university/college students with a vision for a new and just society. AICUF tries to link itself to the emerging needs and realities of the university/college, the church and the wider society.

Cell for Promotion of Indian Cultural Diversity (Bhartiya Sanskruti Manch):

This Cell seeks to promote Indian cultural diversity by providing exposure to students of the culture, dances, music, languages of other Indian states, so that the patriotic spirit of being an Indian is encouraged among students.

Community Care/Outreach Cell:

This Cell extends care towards local communities through schools and parishes. The main objective is to provide knowledge and institutional resources to the community. It seeks support from NGOs and business enterprises as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Well Being Club:

The Club aims to look into the aspects of both physical and mental health. It promotes healthy living among the students and attempts to monitor those aspects on campus that directly affect health.

Cell for Promoting Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship:

This cell prepares students to see themselves in an area where they can be not only self -employed but can generate employment for others. A student is motivated to turn innovative ideas into businesses.

Global Village Club:

The core objective of this club is to provide a platform for international students to interact and gain exposure to varied cultures. Members are encouraged to speak and enhance their knowledge of foreign languages.