Question Papers Pattern-General Education Programmes(OA-38 & OA-39)

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Question Papers Pattern-General Education Programmes (OA-38 & OA-39)

The Ordinance OA-38 and OA-39 prescribe that the pattern of question paper(s) to be set for the SEA in a given course and the scheme of marking shall be decided by the respective BoS. For this purpose, the BoS shall frame specimen question paper (s) in the various courses concerned for the information of the students. Similarly, for practical examinations, the number of laboratory exercises, marks distribution for each exercise and other relevant details shall be decided by the respective BoS.

The above is required to be implemented upcoming SEA Examination, accordingly as discussed today the Chairpersons of the Board of Studies are requested to recommend Specimen Questions Paper/blueprint for Major/Minor, MC, SEC, and VAC as per the attached Guidelines (also includes Sample Specimen Specimen Questions Paper/Blueprint)

It is requested to submit the blueprint of the Questions paper by 7th October 2023 through the proper channel.

In view of the urgency, the Chairpersons may schedule the meetings in offline/online mode or recommend the Blueprint by email circulation. Alternatively, the Deans of School/Faculty may schedule and Chair a joint meeting of concerned BoS governed under the School.