Submission of Activities: Post-FDP Follow-up

Govt. & Uni Notices Notification

Submission of Activities: Post-FDP Follow-up

The Goa State Higher Education Council (GSHEC) and the Directorate of Higher Education (DHE) appreciates your continued support and active participation in enhancing the quality of higher education. Recently, GSHEC and DHE has conducted three Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs), attended by faculty members from your institution. These FDPs include

  1. New Faculty Orientation and Mentoring Programme
  2. Experiential Learning, Creative Thinking & Hands-on Pedagogy
  3. Team-Based Learning: An Evidence-based Active Learning Strategy

These FDPs have provided faculty members with valuable insights, tools, and strategies that are essential for fostering innovative and effective teaching practices in higher education.

These reports to be submitted by faculty who participated in the above FDPs, in the attached Proforma by 30th October 2023 using the following google link. A follow-up workshop showcasing Best-practices by faculty is tentatively scheduled on 6th December 2023.

Google form link: