Updating Research Profile on the IAIMS portal

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Updating Research Profile on the IAIMS portal

In today’s academic landscape, online visibility and accurate documentation of scholarly achievements play a pivotal role in fostering collaborations, attracting prospective students, and enhancing the institution’s reputation. By maintaining up-to-date research profiles, we not only showcase the depth and breadth of expertise within our faculty but also provide valuable information for students, researchers, and peers seeking to engage with your institution.

The Directorate requests all faculty members who hold a Ph.D. degree to strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Update Research Profiles: Faculty members are required to review and update their research profiles on the IAIMS portal. This includes adding any recent publications, conference presentations, grants, awards, and other scholarly contributions.
  2.  Inclusion of Google Scholar ID: Faculty members should ensure that their Google Scholar IDs are correctly entered in their profiles. The Google Scholar ID is an essential tool for accurate tracking of citations and overall research impact.
  3. Accuracy and Completeness: It is crucial that the information provided in the research profiles is accurate and complete. This will facilitate a comprehensive understanding of our faculty’s research achievements.
  4.  Deadline: To facilitate the timely updating of profiles, we kindly request all faculty members to complete this task by 15thSeptember 2023.

This collaborative initiative will greatly enhance the databases of the Department of Higher Education (DHE), State Higher Education Council ( GSHEC), and the Goa State Research Foundation (GSRF).

These departments will utilize this database as a point of reference for conducting thorough assessments and crafting research policies that are applicable across the state.