Department of BCA

Department of BCA


Promote intellectual curiosity, professionalism and IT skills for life-long.



To create ideas that deepen and advance the understanding of computer applications, and with these ideas develop innovative, principled and insightful software professionals who will change the world.

St. Xavier’s College introduced BCA (Commerce) in the year 2005, with an intake capacity of 40 students. A well-equipped computer laboratory with internet access is made available for students pursuing a BCA program, as it enables hands-on learning and practical exposure to the latest technologies.

At present, there are 5 full time faculty members and visiting faculty dedicated to the BCA program demonstrates a strong academic support system. Additionally, the inclusion of visiting faculty members adds valuable perspectives and industry insights, enhancing the overall learning experience for the students.

The decision to revise the BCA course structure in 2019 under the Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) is noteworthy. CBCS allows for flexibility in choosing courses and ensures a well-rounded education for students. This update aligns with contemporary trends in higher education.

It’s also worth noting that the college is currently following the National Education Policy (NEP) for the academic year 2023-24. NEP is designed to bring about transformative changes in the education system, focusing on flexibility, multidisciplinary education, and the integration of technology.

Overall, these initiatives indicate a proactive approach by St. Xavier’s College in staying updated with educational reforms and providing students with a comprehensive and contemporary learning experience in the field of commerce and computer applications.

Assistant Professor

Mr. Worrel V. J. D’Souza (Course Co-ordinator)

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Aquila N. Afonso

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Rushita Verlekar

Assistant Professor

Mr. Stalin J.A. D’Sa

Assistant Professor

Mr. Vipul Parsekar



Master of Computer Applications (MCA):- Masters in Computer Application (MCA) is a post graduate degree in computer applications. It emphasizes on planning, designing and building of complex commercial application software and system software, business management and mathematics.

Job Opportunities:- Software Engineer, Software Consultant, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Test Engineer, System Analyst, Programmer, Quality Assurance Engineer

Master’s Degree in Information Management (MIM):- A Master’s Degree in Information Management prepares a student in leading the department of information and technology in an organization. The 2-year course provides the student with skills and knowledge that helps in understanding and fulfilling the users’ need, develop new technologies and maintain information assets.

Job Opportunities:- System Analysts, Computer Network Architects, MIS Director, Videogame Designer, Management Consultant, Mobile Application Developer, IT Consultant, Chief Information Officer, IS/IT Manager

Masters in Computer Management or MCM is the combination of the computer and managerial skills. The course imparts students, basic skill set of management and computers. The students are trained in not only problem solving and building intricate computer applications but also given basic training marketing management, financial management and operations management.

Job Opportunities:- Computer Systems Analysts, Computer and Information Systems Managers, Information Security Analysts, Database Administrators

After completing MCM, a candidate can also opt for various government job through competitive exams. They can secure a job in various government organizations like ISRO, Railways, Defense, SAIL, BHEL etc.

Post Graduate Program in Corporate Studies (PGPCS):- As the name suggests, PGPCS is two-year program in management studies, BCA students can undertake in order to make a career in marketing, finance, operations IT and other branches of management.

Career prospects: After BCA+PGPCS prospects are bright and numerous in the corporate world. The combination opens up various doors for an individual from IT manager, department head to entrepreneur.

Information Security Management (ISM):-Information Security Management is defined as a study insecurity technology, policy, risk management, and evaluation. The post-graduate program imparts knowledge and skill sets in managing complex technical security system, operational costs, diverse policies, user behavior etc. The course entails a comprehensive training critical for security of computer networks in organizations.

Job Opportunities:- Chief Information Security Officer, Security Architect, Security Director, Information Security Analyst, Network Security Engineer, Incident Responder

Master of Business Administration (MBA):- Those who have a managerial bent, can opt for MBA after BCA. Though the ideal option would be MCA or PG course in IT, MBA is also a lucrative option, nonetheless. Students who plan to pursue MBA after BCA should choose IT as specialization for a bright and secure future. Premier management institutes like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, MDI, XLRI, IIFT etc. offer MBA-IT program. Students can also opt for Marketing, Finance and Operations as specialization.

Job Opportunities:- Business/IT alignment, IT Governance, IT Financial Management, IT Service Management, Sourcing, IT Configuration Management, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers, IT Directors, IT Managers.

Vice President of Engineering at Flowell Inc.

Suyog Mishal

Studying BCA provided me with a solid foundation in computer applications and information technology. The curriculum, combined with the guidance of dedicated faculty members, equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to embark on a successful career path.

I am deeply grateful for the support and mentorship I received from my teachers throughout my journey. Their expertise and encouragement not only fostered my academic growth but also inspired me to pursue excellence in every aspect of my career.

Now, as Vice President of Engineering at Flowell Inc., I continually draw upon the lessons learned during my studies. The critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities developed during this time have been instrumental in navigating the challenges of the tech industry and leading my team to success.

Ms. Amazel Pinto

I am forever indebted to the BCA program for shaping me into the professional I am today. To my teachers and mentors, thank you for your unwavering dedication and support.

It was a good experience for 3 years, surely learnt a lot, if a computer is what interests you then BCA is definitely what you would want to do, the teachers there are the best and coolest of teachers you could find

R&D Engineer

Gulger Mallik

I chose to pursue the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program at our college over the more traditional options of Engineering or BSc Computer Science, and it has been one of the best decisions I've made for my career. The program has equipped me with competitive skills similar to an engineer's, but in a shorter time frame. The curriculum and faculty support have been instrumental in building a strong foundation in computer applications and programming, making me well-prepared for the workforce. I highly recommend the BCA program to anyone interested in a career in technology, as it offers a comprehensive education that prepares students to excel in the field.


  • Featured in INDIA TODAY Neilson’s survey as the 10thbest BCA college in India
  • Our project smart home was selected as a part of all India defence exhibition.
  • Projects of the department regularly featured on print media.
  • Live project done for Goa football association
  • Completed 19 years


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