Department of Mass Communication & Journalism

Department of Mass Communication & Journalism (Honours)


The Department of Mass Communication & Journalism aims to nurture creativity in students & empowering  students with a strong sense of accuracy, credibility & adherence to news values & creative thinking & thereby upholding  highest ethical standards of mass media.



To develop smart media professionals with optimum potential to contribute & to join the rapidly evolving media industry.

St. Xavier’s College, Goa is a pioneer educational institution, the first College in the state to offer an Undergraduate programme in B.A. Mass Communication in 2004 & B.A. Journalism in 2006.

Understanding the demand for this Professional Course in the rapidly growing world of Media & Communications, the Departments boasts of 16+ successful batches comprising of more than 500+ young minds who have entered the media industry. Currently 144 aspiring media-oriented students pursuing the Course, all set to meet the challenges of the media industry head.

For the Academic Year 2024-25 we propose to merge these two courses as it is envisioned under the NEP framework & this will also provide the students the best of both the departments under one nomenclature.

Assistant Professor

Mr. Anzil Fernandes

Assistant Professor

Mr. Dinesh Nirawdekar

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Vailarose Fernandes

Assistant Professor

Mr. Nitin Volvoikar

Assistant Professor

Mr. Lisvan Rodrigues

Assistant Professor

Mr. Vibhav Naik

Assistant Professor

Ms. Jonquil Sudhir

The department of Mass Communication & Journalism organises various academic and extra circular activities to give a holistic learning experience. Some of activities conducted are as follows:

  1. Workshops
  2. Webinars
  3. Field visits
  4. Guest lectures
  5. Photo walk
  6. Internships
  7. State level Photography Competition
  8. Media Study Tour (Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune)
  9. Media Scope (Inter HSS Media Competition)
  10. Media Fest (Intra Class media Competition)

Workshops: on topics like Photojournalism, PR, Journalism, Blogging, Designing, Anchoring, etc.

Guest Lectures: with Journalists, Photographers, Film-makers, and Alumnus etc.

Study Tour: The department had organized a study tour for its Final year students of 2013-14 batch to the City of Pune, 2015-16 & 2016-17 batch to Hyderabad, 2017-18 to Bangalore, 2018-19 to Hyderabad again, 2019-20 and 2022-23 to New Delhi and 2023-2024 to Hyderabad.

The students got the opportunity to visit various leading media houses such as Red FM, FTII, National Film Archive, Sakaal Printing Press, MAA TV, Annapurna Studio, Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad Central University, to name a few. With a motive to enrich the learning experience of the students, the Department of Journalism also organizes regular field trips. Journalism jobs have diversified into Print, Electronic, New Media and allied fields. A student may try the options which include Newspapers, TV channels, Radio Stations, Periodicals & Magazines, Websites, Public Relation firms etc.

Departmental Events: MediaScope – Inter-Higher Secondary School Competition. Mediafest – Inter-class competition of FY, SY & TY.

Outreach program: ASRO home community care centre for HIV/ AIDS children, Thivim- Goa, Mother Teresa’s roses, Parra Goa and Missionaries of Charity, Panjim Goa.

State Level Photography Competition: The theme for the competition was Wildlife in Goa and the event was organised in association with the Goa Forest Department during the academic year 2023-2024.

Departmental NewsletterXaviersPost.

Consultancy service: Video production for Goa Arts & Literature Festival and Publishing Next.

Our Youtube channel: Xaviers Buzz

In today’s rapidly evolving media landscape, the field of journalism has transformed significantly, necessitating a diverse skill set for professionals to thrive. This evolution spans across various dimensions, including the rise of digital media, the demand for specialized reporting, the gig economy’s influence, and the critical need for ethical journalism. Here’s a rephrased overview of these key aspects shaping the contemporary journalism landscape.

Within the field of journalism, there are various career opportunities or job titles that individuals may pursue based on their expertise, experience, and interests. Here are some of the typical roles or positions available in journalism:

  • Reporter/Journalist
  • Editor
  • Photojournalist
  • Broadcast Journalist
  • Digital Media Producer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Creator
  • Freelance Journalist
  • Columnist/Opinion Writer
  • Copy Editor
  • Proofreader
  • News Producer
  • News Director
  • Media Relations
  • PR Specialist
  • Investigative Journalist
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Data Journalist
  • Data Analyst
  • Content Strategist
  • Editorial Manager

The Mass Communication & Journalism course in St. Xavier’s College covers a wide array of subjects wherein the students will be equipped with a diverse skill set essential for success in the field. Here are the skills that can be enhanced through a comprehensive journalism program:

  • Writing and Scripting
  • Multimedia Skills
  • News Gathering and Reporting
  • Photography and Videography
  • Mobile Journalism
  • Broadcasting Skills for radio and television
  • Designing for print and web
  • Blogging and Online Content Creation
  • Specialized Journalism (Business and Sports)
  • Public Relations
  • Anchoring for News Media Channels
  • New Media Tools and Technologies
  • Ethics in Media
  • Critical Thinking and Analysis
  • Interviewing and Interpersonal Skills
  • Time Management and Deadline Adherence
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Designing
  • Video Editing
  • Film studies
  • Filmmaking
  • Corporate communication
  • Journalism
  • TV Anchoring
  • Radio Jockey
  • Social Media management

(2017-18 Batch)-Pursuing Masters In Film Editing At FTII Pune

Disha Jain

Department of mass communication has a very hands on approach. Throughout the three years we were provided resources and mentorship to make various projects and guidance on subjects like screenplay writing and editing.

Exposure to world cinema was also an important part of the learning. It helped me to get my basics of filmmaking right and get into premier institute for filmmaking like FTII for my masters. I continue to cherish the fond memories of my time in Xavier's as the department became my family in goa.

(2014-15 Batch)-Actor, Fitness Influences And Film maker

Alston De Sousa

The mass communication course laid the foundation for my journey into filmmaking, understanding the basic nuances, aspects and jargon used in the art and craft of films, digital media, advertising and journalism. Its definitely a good start for anyone looking to explore the world of media and creative arts. The department is well equipped with the right infrastructure, equipment, faculty and environment to make your journey not just enriching but fruitful.

(2010-11 batch) UK based Freelance video producer

Rowen De Souza

I graduated from St. Xavier's College, Goa in 2011. The media course provided me with a strong foundation in the basics of filming and editing. There is a good balance of theoretical learning and practical implementation of the taught concepts.

If you are interested in a career in media, then I wholeheartedly recommend undertaking this programme.

(2015-16 batch) VFX Artist

Aaron Pereira

As someone who was once a reserved introvert, I never thought I would thrive in the fast-paced world of VFX. However, Mass Communication and Journalism course empowered me to excel the academic foundation I needed, it also helped me cultivate the soft skills necessary to succeed. From honing my communication skills to gaining the confidence to express myself, this program transformed me into a well-rounded professional ready to take on any challenge.

Student & Journalism Placement Cell Head at SIMC

Navamya G. Acharya

I had never planned on attending college in my hometown, but it seems fate had other plans and I would not change it if given the chance. The journalism degree I earned at St. Xavier’s led to me becoming who I am today professionally.

This course was taught at the highest level by the professors, which enabled me to easily transition to my Master’s degree in Journalism. I learned a lot at this institute and will always be grateful because they helped me to learn the fundamentals of the subject up until perfecting the way I did a task.

Producer, Kahani wale infotech pvt ltd

Aftab Shaikh

The Department of Journalism of St. Xavier’s College is a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning, and direct your passion for journalism in the right direction. The faculty of journalism has played a major role in building my confidence, skills-set and devising a successful career in journalism. The introduction to state-of-the-art studios, the latest equipment & software and the latest industry practices gave me an early start to building my career. Coming from a non-English background with no former expertise in writing, news, or production; the faculty at the department of journalism trained me and guided me through the three years course.

Besides learning, St. Xavier’s College as an educational institute is a place of fun, culture, lore, literature and many such life preaching activities. It was here I developed my interest in Taekwondo after participating in the daily practices held by the sports faculty of the institute. These are some of the many reasons why I value my education at the Journalism Department of St. Xavier’s College.

Sub-Editor, Inshorts

Shailesh Shriram Tanpure

When I took admission in the department in 2014, I had no knowledge of Journalism. However, due to the support of the faculty, I was able to quickly learn about various aspects of the industry.

In fact, our faculty had encouraged us to work part-time jobs to get a better understanding of what we learned in the classes. My first two jobs in Journalism were recommended to me by the faculty. Besides this, they encouraged us to conceptualise projects and execute them using the department’s equipment.

By doing this we were able to develop our skills and also learn how to use the equipment, especially the cameras and the recording studio. There is no denying that within Goa, this Department of Journalism is the best in terms of faculty, equipment, industry relations and alumni, but it can also compete with several national colleges. I highly recommend aspiring students to take admissions here for holistic learning.

Research Assistant, Department of Information & Publicity, Govt of Goa.

Manali Prabhugaonkar

The National News channels always fascinated me, which was major base to opt for Journalism & Media. Being a part of Journalism course was great learning experience, as it helped me to be a part of social issues through News. The constant guidance and support from the lecturers encouraged to grab every opportunity on way.

Sharing my personal experience, Practical along with individual presentations in class, guest lectures & internships were of great use when I started my job. ‘Internships’ were part of syllabus & most interesting segment of the course. The support from teachers during internships was truly encouraging. I interned with Prudent & HCN which gave me a lot of exposure. During the course, I was a part of International Film Festival of India (IFFI) held in Goa, as an anchor for half n hour feature show for News Channel. Even before finishing my 2nd year in college I got a chance to work with a Local Channel as a News Anchor. Xavier’s gave me my identity in Media, before finishing my course.

The course opened a range of Media options to me. To share about real time experience, I got the opportunity to work with almost all the media branches i.e. Print, Broadcast, online & Radio Broadcasting too. Presently, I am on the panel of Doordarshan, Panaji as a News Anchor & All India Radio as a News announcer.  I will always be greatful to the college, the department of Journalism & the teachers who were always supportive towards my aim.

Former News Producer

Jinisha Bhanushali

The experience of being a junior reporter with a fortnight newspaper in Vasco ignited the spark in me of becoming the journalist I aspired to be. To bring my dream to reality was the Bachelors course at St Xavier’s College which gave me the best learning experience. With a well structured course I was able to understand my area of interest and gain through knowledge of the media industry. During my graduation I interned at Goa365 news channel to get experience of the broadcast media, also interned with ESG during the IFFI 2011. The professors at Xavier’s gave me the guidance to study further at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications where I pursued Masters in Journalism. As they say ‘Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary things’, and we only good teachers at Xavier’s College.

After my masters degree I got recruited by Times Now through campus placements. After 2 years experience at Times Now I was hired to work on Republic TV’s launch and later Republic Bharat’s launch. Now since 3 years working at Republic TV has been a daily learning experience hub.

Senior Content Writer, Landmark Group

Tyra Colaso

The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at St. Xavier’s College has been a highly knowledgeable and industry-oriented course. It offers you a platform to develop core knowledge and practical skills. In my experience, over the 3 years of my course, I was able to develop a strong base in the varied areas of communication, writing, photography, editing, graphic designing, advertising, and public relations. In addition to this, an array of learning opportunities are presented to us in the form of projects, internships, extracurricular activities, events, and an interstate field trip to some of the most reputed organizations. With the expertise of the faculty and a well-planned curriculum, the course helps one build a strong career stream.

Asst. Producer – Program Dept. at Prudent Media

Kuldeep Asgaonkar

“Believe in yourself. You are better than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine”; a quote  which resembles me,  as I had a habit of taking square box and shooting things and then just stand in front of it and talk about the happenings at that particular place. However it was in my 9th standard while watching a TV serial I dreamt to be in the field of media and mostly being a journalist. When I was in 10th, I had two options in my mind either a sportsperson or a journalist. But after 10th I finally decided to be in the field where I’m today. Passed out as a Arts student, my cousin who is currently a senior reporter in the same company guided me to the St. Xavier’s College. He was the one who told me that Xavier’s had the best equipments and faculty in Goa and it was true. While studying in Xavier’s I got many opportunities like internship programs, media tour outside Goa, interviewing at GALF etc. I also learnt software’s. Xavier’s was the college that shaped my personality and help me grow as a person.

Program Director and Script writer, In Goa 24×7 News Channel

Maria Antao

“Dreams do come true if you have the will to fulfill them”. I dreamt of taking up Journalism when I was in standard 10th. After the completion of my higher secondary schooling, I opted for a Journalism course and there I was in the world of lights, cameras, theories, and practical’s. The practical part is what takes you to its peak. At first, I was a bit nervous but the professors made the practical sessions look more lively, creative, and fun. I shall not forget my Radio classes, some TV production action, reporting, and of course the most important editing tricks. Overall this means you are always pitching, collaborating, and chasing stories. The greatest advantage of it is that it offers to look up internships which were yet another small step towards my dream. Something admirable about this program is that it’s being updated as you read (since journalism is always changing.) Summing up, the course has helped me to understand better and have a wider perspective on how media helps in shaping society. Journalism does not only make you achieve but it shapes your personality and makes you bold to take a stand with the truth. Currently, I am   employed at In Goa news channel and having recently acquired a position as program director and scriptwriter my first step towards the ladder of success. I write an ode of gratitude to Xavier’s for where I am today.

Cara Srivastava

When I heard about the Media course degree at Xavier’s, I was pleased that I’d be able to pursue something that I was actually passionate about. I chose to major in Journalism — the course and facilities provided helped me prepare for my future career path. The staff members were also amazing and were always ready to guide me when I needed it. By the end of it, with my final year project, an internship and all the experience through my degree, I was ready to start my career!

entertainment & lifestyle content creator

Flexcia D’souza

Being a part of the course helped us understand the nuances of print and online media, and the constant guidance and support from the lecturers only helped us get better. A mix of theory and practicals, and a series of projects focusing on various aspects like photography, blogging, video creation, writing and radio programming ensured we were equipped to do various roles on field. Apart from getting us field-ready, it gave me a direction towards a career I wanted to pursue. Right now, I create print, video and online content for the Goa Times (the Goa edition of the Times of India Metro Supplements (TIMS), which is a pioneer in entertainment and lifestyle news). Thanks Xavier’s for introducing us to various concepts of media and training us to step into the field with confidence.

Feature writer, Gomantak Times, Goa

Venita Gomes

Journalism was something I always found interesting. It was a career I always looked upon to adopt in life. And as years passed learning journalism, slowly began to become the most favorite aspect of my life.

At the start I had no idea where I would land up. But during the three years course, I found myself in the right place. It molded me into someone responsible. The course was a great learning experience, which gave me an idea about how the media functions. It was a complete package of knowledge that was provided to us. We were taught the different software’s, reporting techniques which the media houses used both in print as well as in broadcast. So it wasn’t difficult to get a space. And it was just few months back I answered my final year’s exam and without my results I got placed in a good firm. The department and the guides are to be credited for this great work, for guiding me into the right path. The always encouraging teacher’s helped us get the best knowledge through the various internship and programs they got us into. It was a beautiful journey of three years’ at Xavier’s. Well no other course in Goa, would give you this great experience.

Associate, Genesis Burson Marsteller

Malaika Fernandes

My first conscious step towards career building began with the Journalism Course at St. Xavier’s College in 2009. This three-year course facilitated my initial tryst with the field of communications academically. The Media course gave me significant insights into the functioning of journalism, advertising, and of course, Public Relations. As internships were a part of the curriculum, I interned with Perfect Relations, Goa which gave a kick start to my career in PR.

While acquiring a PGD in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC), Mumbai, I interned with Genesis Burson-Marsteller and later with Birla Sun Life Insurance in the Digital Marketing space.

Today, I am proud to be a part of the ALP Programme at Genesis Burson-Marsteller, one of the leading PR firms in the country. AdlabsImagica and Education New Zealand are the accounts I currently work on, besides Cartoon Network, Colors TV and Tourism New Zealand. Public Relations fascinates me for the simple reason that it holds the power to influence people while adding value to their lives. I can’t thank St. Xavier’s College and the faculty of the Department of Journalism enough!

Senior Sub-editor, The Goan

Jason Soares

I have fond memories as a student of the journalism department’s first batch that passed out in 2009. Albeit the course was still in its infancy, it gave a much needed impetus to kick-start my journalism career. Our teachers encouraged us to freelance and intern with local newspapers. This gave me a lot of exposure. In my third year, I got an opportunity to work as a reporter for Entertainment Society of Goa’s in-house magazine during IFFI-2008. After graduation, I worked at Prudent Media as a reporter cum sub-editor for three years, moved to The Navhind Times as a sub-editor and am now currently employed with The Goan.

Radio Announcer, All India Radio, Panaji

Angela Ribeiro

The Journalism course is really interesting and what makes it so fascinating are the papers it offers – practical and theory –  and, of course, the teachers as well as the various visiting professors. It’s true that the field work used to drain me out but at the end of the day nothing seemed to matter because the interest and passion I developed in the field of media kept me going. Perhaps that is the reason why I enjoyed the 3-year course and it also broadened my knowledge and thinking capability. In short i can proudly say that I made a good choice because it has not only helped me start my career in the field of media but it also helped me to become a better person.

Sub-Editor (Features), Dainik Herald, Goa

Dhanashree Manerikar

Dhanashree 1I always wanted to do something out of the box as a result, after my 12th standard; I took up B.A in Journalism at St. Xavier’s College. It has been one of the most fruitful decisions of my life. It gave me all the confidence required to work in the field of media. In fact my first hand in Marathi didn’t alter my scope for development as I got many opportunities to showcase my talent in Marathi language during the three year course.

Internship is one of the best part of this course as I got an opportunity to work in Dainik Gomantak and I was also a part of Lokmat Young Jury panel for International Film Festival of India held in Goa. Presently I am enjoying working as a features Sub-Editor for Dainik Herald, Goa.

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