Department of Chemistry


To use the knowledge of chemistry for the benefit of society and the conservation of the environment.



To ignite the spirit of inquiry, creativity, independent thinking and responsibility in our students and teachers.

The Department of Chemistry was set up at the inception in 1963, has emerged as largest and leading department and presently serving more than 550 undergraduate students. The Department also offers M.Sc in Physical Chemistry since 2007 and is partner in DHE initiated “Research Cluster” with 01 Ph. D. Guide and 05 Ph.D. Scholars.

Associate Professor

Ms. Janesline Fernandes

Associate Professor

Ms. Kathleen C. Pinto

Associate Professor

Ms. Isabel de Noronha

Assistant Professor

Mr. Mahesh Nair

MSc. MPhil. B.Ed


Assistant Professor

Dr. Mira Vinayak Parmekar

Ph. D., NET


The department organises series of activities for their students and others, which includes educational trips to NIO, NCAOR, Goa University, FDA, Select Pharmaceutical industries like VerGo Pharma, Syngenta, Goa Antibiotics etc. It organises an array of events on the campus independently for their FY, SY and TY chemistry students. Besides organising highly popular science festival ‘Goa’s Young Innovators’, the department also celebrates National Science Day among other activities. Students are encouraged to participate in Chemistry Quizzes, Science events and competitions organised by other Colleges and Goa University in the state. In the last 03 years, the department has added another feather by organising outstation educational trip to premier institutions like Kaiga Nuclear plant, Karwar, Indian Institute of Science & Christ University, Bangalore, Indian Institute Chemical Technology, Hyderabad etc. The department also regularly presents radio programmes at all India Radio.

Goa’s economy is mainly dependent on industry and more particularly the pharmaceutical industry. As such, the openings for Chemistry students are immense. Chemistry graduates and Post graduates are highly sought in R & D, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Synthetic /Chemical Process Engineers, Marketing, Stores/Raw Material Managements, Effluent Management, Forensic Sciences, Materials Scientists, Oceanography, and so on. Our graduates are also working as Transcriptionist, Pathological/Chemical Analysts, Scientific Officers, Safety Officers, Teachers/Professors, Research Scholars and others. Currently there is a great demand in the global market for chemistry graduates in Coding, Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics. This ensures a wide scope of employment for the students of Chemistry in Goa as well as Abroad. Our students of B.Sc mainly proceed to obtain a post-graduate degree in the subject. A few of them pursue a Ph.D programme or seek employment.

The department is mainly committed to the advancement of the students. It is a matter of pride to see that several alumni of the department successfully clearing the NET and SET examinations and qualifying as Assistant Professors at Goa University and Colleges across the state. The department is well equipped with highly sophisticated instruments like GC, HPLC, FT-IR, Cyclic Voltametry and UV-Vis spectrometer.