Department of Psychology


To enrich lives through a psychological understanding of behavior.



Equipping students with skills to use psychology for promotion of quality of life.

The Department of Psychology offers a General and Honours Programme in psychology under CBCS. The Psychofiesta, organized by the department allows the students to showcase in innovative and applicable manners the concepts learned in psychology, in their course of study. ‘Manovigyan’ is the annual newsletter, published at year end that summarises the activities of the department , be it student focused or faculty oriented, besides acknowledging the achievements of the students.

Students are given opportunities to learn beyond the classroom in State and National seminars through paper presentations, intercollegiate competitions, field visits and participation in workhops and symposiums. Besides, students are also exposed to scope and careers in psychology through Talks organized by the department, where in invited speakers , including alumni of the department, share their expertise.

The ‘Pulse of Psychology’ is a pin-up board that sources off current issues, articles as well as student contributions in art, poems and articles.

Associate Professor

Dr. Eulalia Fernandes (HOD)

Associate Professor

Ms. Anuradha Kakodkar

Associate Professor

Dr. Ubaldina Noronha


Prof. Janet Fernandes

Assistant Professor

Ms. Elvira Pereira