Political Science

Department of Political Science


Educating for political consciousness towards enlightened citizenship.



To mould students into disciplined citizens with a deep respect for democratic institutions and values.

The Department of Political Science expose its students to a wide range of co-curricular activities such as guest lectures, seminars, research paper presentations, workshops and field visits which help to understand the practical dimensions of the subject. The students also participate in various inter-collegiate competitions and activities of the Department of Political Science – Goa University. Field visits to witness the proceedings of the Goa Legislative Assembly have become its annual feature.

As a part of the activities planned on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Indian constitution, the department of Political Science performed several duties ranging from addressing the teaching, non-teaching staff and students on the Preamble of the Indian constitution and the Importance of Fundamental Duties as well as delivering a session to NSS volunteers on various aspects of the core values of Indian constitution.

The subject exposes the students to diverse areas of political theory and practice which is directly related to some of the contemporary concerns of society. The students of Political Science develop a keen analytical insight on issues of Democracy, Governance, Public Administration and Foreign Relations. Students who graduate in Political Science are eligible to take up careers in Law, Research, Teaching, Administration, Civil Services, Social Service, Media/Journalism, and Non-Governmental organisations.

Associate Professor

Ms. Tricia Vaz e Borges (HOD)

M.A. , NET


Associate Professor

Dr. Cajetan Raposo

Assistant Professor

Mr. Prasad S Naik