Department of Philosophy


Sharing our rich philosophy in terms of heritage of East and West.



To develop rational approach towards social, religious and ethical issues as well as to promote harmonious development in personality.

Philosophy as a subject is an attempt to arrive at rational conception of the reality as a whole. It enquires into the nature of the universe in which we live, the nature of the human soul and its destiny, nature of God or the Absolute and their relation to one another. It enquires into the nature of matter, time, space, evolution of life and mind and their relation to one another.

In short, it is an art of thinking all things rationally, logically and persistently as a whole. It examines and clarifies popular, scientific and ethical concepts of right good values and virtues. It is thus a rational attempt to integrate our knowledge and interpret and unify our experience.

It is therefore very useful to one and all. It is enormously helpful in enabling one to lead a rational way of living. It is extremely useful to the students pursuing the professions of Journalism, Law and Indian Administrative Services etc. It helps students to adopt a critical, scientific and a comprehensive approach while dealing with any issues, be it social, religious or political. At St. Xavier’s College, this course is taught by offering the following papers spread out over three years.

The department conducts various activities as field trips, talks by eminent resource persons, screening of documentaries and films. Our alumni are holding responsible positions in society, some of which include Asst. Mamlatdar, Editors of leading magazines, Offices in Banks, as well as Asst Professors in colleges.

Associate Professor

Ms. Aletthra C. Vieira (HOD)

Assistant Professor

Ms. Shefali Kale