Department of Hindi


Personal & Social Enrichment through the study of Language & Literature.



To develop-reading habit-Language skills. Spirit of humanism. Love & Pride for our national language.

The Department of Hindi started since the inception of this college in 1963. Since then the department was served by stalwarts like Dr.Adityaprasad Tripathi, Dr.Arwind Pandey, Dr.Brahmadev Mishra along with many others who played an important role in laying a solid foundation to this department.

The department is involved in various literary activities throughout the year like celebration of Premchand Jayanti, Hindi Diwas and organizing talks, seminars, workshops, discussions on literary topics and conducting competitions for the students. Our students also take part in various state level and National level literary competitions.

Students completing their higher education in Hindi have job prospects as writers, teachers, translators, Hindi officers in government offices, Insurance services, Banks, Business firms, etc. They also have job opportunities in the fields of performing arts like theatre, television, cinema and journalism in print & electronic media.

Associate Professor

Ms. Magdalene D’souza (HOD)

Associate Professor

Dr. Ramita Gurav

Assistant Professor

Mr. Salim Mohamed Gaded